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  • Paul Barranco

3 Innovative Home Technologies You Would Love For Your New Home

Modern homeowners who want to make their house smarter for efficiency or convenience can find all sorts of interesting ways to incorporate technology into their domestic life. While new developments in home tech have been emerging on a regular basis, there are several key trends that you should keep your eye on. These 3 innovative home technologies could make a great addition to almost any type of household, with room for flexibility and customization to meet specific tastes or needs.

Smart Glass and Windows

In the future, it’s very possible that physical curtains and window blinds will be a rare sight to behold in the average household. Smart glass has become one of the leading trends in intelligent home design thanks to the flexibility, control and aesthetic benefits it provides homeowners. The substance mimics conventional glass surfaces in its default state, but can be adjusted to create a tinted effect with the push of a button. Some designs can be completely darkened to the same level as black-out curtains, as well as intermediary points to let in a limited amount of light or exclude certain wavelengths.

There are several types of smart glass currently in development and production, so there is some variety in the cost and capability of this technology. Most domestic applications of the technology rely on a controlled flow of heat or electricity to activate a substance that is stored between two solid exterior panes. Users can switch the glass between transparent and opaque quickly, so they are generally appropriate for routine daily use.

Universal Device Integration

Smart home technology is an incredibly broad field that encompasses hundreds of innovative gadgets and systems that can be incorporated into a dwelling space. The increase of internet-enabled devices and appliances, ranging from television screens to toasters, makes universal device integration a must-have for any high-tech home. There’s nothing more convenient or practical than being able to control all of the essential devices in your home from a single remote or panel.

Integrated automation solutions, like those offered by AMP Security, cover everything from ceiling lights and door locks to thermostats and security systems. These systems are designed to be compatible with a wide range of home technologies, and are frequently updated to keep pace with new developments. They serve as the central hub of any smart home, allowing the user to make adjustments to any of their systems or devices from a single control point.

Cooking with Intelligent Appliances

Everyone needs help in the kitchen sometimes, which is why smart kitchen appliances are becoming popular in modern households. Homeowners can now monitor and control their ovens, refrigerators, crock pots and coffee makers from anywhere with an internet connection. Not only does this mean you don’t have to worry about burning the beef by leaving work late, it also allows you to turn off dangerous appliances that have been left on with no one home.

In addition to networking and integrating smart kitchen appliances, users can also rely on them to take over more of the mundane functions associated with cooking. You can find toaster ovens that can weigh meat, monitor progress while cooking and adjust settings as necessary to get it just right. There are also combination refrigerator-oven appliances that keep raw food cold until switched to cooking mode, so users can set everything up beforehand and time the cooking process exactly how they want.

New breakthroughs in home technology are an exciting opportunity for any homeowner. There are plenty of innovative technologies to get excited about, even if it’s just going on a wish-list for the future. Smart devices may be on the expensive side, but it can also help cut down on recurring costs with advanced options for flexibility and efficiency.

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